So I was leaving some port city on a huge cruise. Wasn’t quite sure, but it seemed a never ending journey. We crossed ports of different cities, met different type of people, tried different food and saw various cultures. Days and nights were passing by instantly, as if watching a movie. There were hundreds of people/friends/relatives around me in the ship, yet I was unable to figure out what they were talking about. I had a loving wife, caring parents and few adorable kids with me in that journey, and again I can’t recall their faces or talks.

The next thing I could remember was that I was in this small round shaped lifeboat floating in the middle of the sea, surrounded with debris, luggage bags, plastic items, torned life jackets, burnt & deflated lifebuoys, smoke all over the place. The Sun was shining its last few minutes light. Dark cloud were approaching slowly from east, making the sky darker and the sea breeze from the same direction. I can see few stars, almost felt like I have a tiger behind me in the same lifeboat, recalled a scene from Life of Pi.

I can’t hear a thing nor I can see anyone. I wondered where all the co-passengers disappeared! Where is my family? Anxiety and confusion took over me, not letting me think what to do next. I was feeling hungry and the weather was getting cold.

Hours went by and it was dark then, thoughts clouded me like I came so far in this journey, been to so many wonderful places, met so many people, tried so many varieties of food, was wondering if all these would end like this? Alone, dark, cold! What would you might have done in such situations? Try giving it a minute and see what comes in your mind – what would you have regretted for, or who would you have missed the most, or rather what would be the most proud of, etc. Well for me, it was my family, best friends, colleagues, neighbors – all of whose faces I can see clearly then. Somewhere in mind, I was thinking I don’t want to die like this, I want my loved ones to be with me in difficult times. 

Then a whirring sound was getting echoed from far distance above me and some blowing horns. I was feeling bit cold, when I grabbed something very soft and cozy, and wrapped around me.

Couple of minutes later, I came to realise that it was whirring sound of ceiling fan, some motorcycles’ horn and my soft cozy blanket.
Opened my eyes, it was only just a dream. All these time, it was nothing but a beautiful and terrifying dream. Oh, what a relief! Was trembling, yet seeing myself safe in my bed gave me such a wonderful feeling.

Life is short. Cut out your ego and prejudice, go, start living by loving everyone in your life. Be happy and grateful!

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