“Cooking is at once child’s play and an adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.”

Craig Claiborne

What the hell! Today I am talking about cooking? OMG..A guy like me don’t even know how to boil milk is going to talk about cooking? Anyways…chal timepass baatein karte hai.

You know, cooking is really interesting if you are bit fond of food. When you see your mom or a friend or say wife[:P] cooking, you may be thinking how easy it is to cook. Just wash the vegetables, chop the onions & chillies & other stuffs, fry in a pan, mix all the things…wait for sometime….and DONE!!! See? Its so easy to cook. BTW, I assume that you wont be able to eat that dish!! [oops…thats true!]. But one thing is really serious and amazing about cooking, you need to actually imagine how your dish would be before starting to cook. You will have to collect all the required things, continuously think what else is missing[may be by tasting], how is it progressing..etc..etc.

Potato fries is one of my favorite. I have been in love with potato fries since …hmm… I dont know and surely it will remain my favorite. It seemed so easy that I usually keep telling around my friends or family that I can fry potatoes very easily. Whats the big deal? But the situation was completely different when the frying pan was so hot, onions & chillies were burning out…etc. etc.

That day, my roommate(btw, I stay with two of my best friends) was preparing chicken curry and I decided that next time I am gonna prepare the chicken curry without fail. So it was a Sunday afternoon, and I had the mood of having a delicious spicy chicken. Without thinking anything, brought some chicken, washed it and made all the necessary arrangements. Its an awesome feeling when you are nostalgic about how your mom used to prepare it and thinking you are gonna make the same by yourself. Same scent, everything same…just some onion and garlic paste brunt out…thats it..:P The real thing happened when I was out of control, the heat from the electronic stove was reaching my face, face turned red, few tiny hot oil drops splashed on my hand, don’t know how to or what to put next in the hot frying pan(that time I missed to recollect the famous saying “Cooking is the application of heat and common sense!”)…. Though it lasted for only about 15-20 minutes….Man, it was horrible! I was lost at a point of time, when the curry didn’t look as expected. But as it was being fried, things were getting better & better. At last, my curry became almost like my mom’s curry…spicy red in color, awesome aroma of Cardamom & Cinnamon, a fine touch of Parsley on top, half-fried sliced red tomatoes floating, mouth-watering dish is ready!

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