It was fantastic and one of most awesome birthday experience(yet another one). It was my first weekend in Bangalore and a new job in hand. Luckily, the weekend was more colorful because of my birthday. Thank God it was Saturday!

On Friday night, I and my roommate played Counter Strike on LAN in our guest house, though others were calling us to play it in our new office premises. Then watched the first football match of Euro 2012 between Poland and Greece. While watching the match, someone knocked my room’s door. I asked my roommate if he ordered anything, but he refused. I was thinking who could it be as it was almost midnight, but when I opened the door, it was a hotel staff and he was asking me come down as I got a courier. At that time also, my mind was repeating the only one question “WHATS GOING ON…!!”. For my surprise, it was courier from my most special friend as a gift for my birthday. A cute box of dark chocolates, a birthday card and a large beautiful bouquet of red roses were the content of the courier. It was exactly midnight when I started receiving a huge number calls from all the friends & relatives for wishing me. The story continued for next one and half an hour. That was it for the day and went for sleep.

As the next day was off, we woke up around 11AM. The room was freezing with AC temperature to the minimum of 16ᵒ C and the stupid Fan at its maximum speed. But was feeling so relaxed just by lying in our own beds as we had no tension of going anywhere or doing anything. As it was my birthday, I called some friends staying near BTM and arranged a dinner party as my birthday treat. We were five of us in the party. They have gifted me a real dark delicious chocolate cake. We celebrated the day in a pakka Rajasthani Dhaba named Gud Dhani. Enjoyed a lot out there and returned to room by 11:30pm.

At last there came the Sunday Morning!! Was bit happy(holiday) and bit sad(next day is Monday). Slept whole day and in evening, I and Danny played TT in our old office building. Being played after a long time, felt very nice, however now I can’t move my back as it is strained and its pain is killing me.

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