Starting from early 2015, we(me, Ashik & Kasi) have been planning for a long time to do an awesome boys trip, be it Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Amsterdam, Goa, or at least North East. All plans were getting postponed due to the delay of my passport or something else. And then one fine day, Kasi came running that one of his friend is going to go on a Himalayan trek. We were excited and started checking out the details of the trek. In addition, I don’t need passport or visa, at the end its my own country. The first impression of Rupin was impeccable.



Look at the pics above, who doesn’t want to go in such a place ! Its like we were going to be in some place which we only saw in calender posts or computer wallpapers. Man, we got totally excited and immediately booked for the trek on next available date and the flights. The next available data for the trek was on 9th Oct 2016, just couple of days after Flipkart BBD ’16. We knew we will be exhausted during this sale season, and the trek at this time would be perfect.

We booked two-way flight tickets from Bangalore to New Delhi accordingly. The next thing was getting physically fit and shop for all trekking gears. We were already much fit as we play football regularly. Most of our trekking gears were from Decatholon Sarjapur.

The official itinerary of the trek goes like Bangalore → New Delhi → Shimla → Chirgaon → Jiskun → Trek for a week to Sangla → New Delhi → Bangalore.

Our customized itinerary was like Bangalore → New Delhi → Shimla → Chirgaon → Jiskun → Trek for a week to Sangla → Kasol → Malana → KulluShimla → New Delhi → Bangalore.

Even to be surprised, we went to the Parliament and couple of party villages while we were in the national capital. One of the best thing I liked about New Delhi is this bar called Open House Cafe in Cannaught Place. A lovely view and great ambience to spend time with. You can see the giant national flag and the whole CP’s inner circle.

Flag at Central Park, Cannaught Palace, New Delhi. A view from Open House Terrace Sitting area.

Metro service in Delhi is simple awesome. We even went for a city tour. Then at night around 11PM, we headed for Shimla from Kashmere Gate. The bus service, even if you book executive class semi-sleeper Volvo(Pvt.), in Delhi is really bad, non-comparable with Bangalore.

Next morning we reached Shimla Old bus stand, where all other trekkers were waiting for us to leave for Chirgaon. Reached Chirgaon that day evening, consider the last place to see human civilization like ATMs or mobile network or a restaurant. The weather got all of a sudden chilly and windy. We got basic instructions of the trek and general rules to follow. Been a long day, covered my life’s longest distance in past 24 hours and was dying to say goodnight to the world.

Sunset view at Chirgaon Camp(a home stay)

The next day was going to be the beginning of ours as well as nature’s wilderness. We go deep into Himalayas thereafter. I couldn’t wait for it.

Follow on part 2 of this post to continue the beautiful journey with me.

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