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The story continues. Its the first day of the trek, a Sunday morning, 9th Oct 2016 at Chirgaon Camp. We were driven in 4×4 jeep/sumo kind of vehicles, which were the best for the kind of roads. We passed through Chanshal Pass, from where we spotted:

We were to be dropped at a place few kilometers before Jiskun(as much as the motorable road extends). Yes, you read it right. There is no road after that. This village called Jiskun we trekked to was connected with the modern world using horses and donkeys.

Well it was a brief trek of about ~4 KMs, just so that we get used to the higher altitude and thinner atmosphere. We hold the night in the village. Locals here are extremely generous and welcoming. I happened to make friendship with one of the panchas(member of panchayat) while roaming around the village. We talked about how they manage education in the village, health care system and emergency contact from nearby town for ambulance support. I didn’t believe at first, that in a village where there is no roads, all communications are done by foot and with animal support, that they have proper education institute upto 12th Std in the village. The houses in the village are made fully out of woods, and yes even the floors. It got me a nostalgia of my home back in Nagaland.

The rest days of the trek for next 6 days were colorful and only joy was in the air around us. First couple of days, you should see Kasi’s condition.  We and himself, including the trek leader, seem to have gave up on him. We were sure that he couldn’t complete the week long trek in such condition. A place where it will take days for any emergency to reach for rescue, our trek leader wasn’t at all ready to include him in the treak after the first day. Albiet this, me and Ashik were determined to go back along with Kasi incase he was to leave the trek and return to base camp. Man, I must admit his courage and willpower. No lightning thuder nor the hieghts of the Himalayas could shake his will. He completed the whole trek and that too exceptionally, for which he got the best trekmate award from the trekking organizing company IndiaHikes for showing his courage and unbendable determination. It is well said:


Well, the whole trip was mesmerizing and full of memories. Here is a glimpse:

And some more:

At the end, I just want to highlight the greatest achivement of this trip – an everlasting friendship and fact that if you have determination, you can conquer any hieghts/challenges that life throws at us. Take life easy and keep making such memories as much as possible. And, there is no better place than the greatest and mightiest Himalayas to do it. I will return again into the valleys. Then again, I will share my story and experience.

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